Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Next Game

RP vs Speedy Sign
6:00 BLC

Remember boys the BLC is where we beat the EL ROCO TWICE so lets keep the streak going.... the BLC also helps us play the trap......

Thursday, January 26, 2006

The Red Pepper gets a very salty TEA BAG from OLD BALLS

Last night at the Gambucci there was an important game on many levels. In the standings, for bragging rights, and a guaranteed win given by Todd Schafer. "i just have confidence in my team and myself, so i knew i would be ok giving that guarantee." The game started off with Old Balls getting on the board first and ending the first period up 2-0. The rp wasnt worried at all, last week they were down 2-0 after the second and hung 7 in the second.

The rp game out flying in the second and tied it up at two with goals by richmond and nepple. "after we got those two goals we knew we were right back in it, we just knew we needed to keep on them" said coach tellmann. old balls answered to get the score to 3-2 to end the second.

The third period was a good period of hockey, multiple chances were given to the rp to get right back into the game but they couldnt bury their chances. "i had so many chances to win this game and i didnt get it done, i give myself the el chocko award, copyright Brad Beauchamp, for the night." bydal said. He then said f$%K and walked in and got a beer to drown his sorrows. I did run into him at bonzers and he was feeling better he got a pub club and a beer in him and he was good to go. "this was a tuff loss we played well but just couldnt get pass lamoureux" said tofte. "old balls is a good team, im just pissed i got a salty tea bag tonight, no guy likes that it just sucks" said nepple. old balls did get another goal to make the score 4-2 for the final. "i cant believe we allowed them to get two unanswered goals and we only scored 2 goals in a huff and puff game" lindgren said "you cant score two goals and expect to win in the huff and puff"

Player of the Game
Piere Lamoureux

Quote of the night was change to action of the night
Im sitting next to nepple getting dressed before the game, i look over at him, and here's a guy doing lumbar stretches wearing nothing but his Bennie..........hay naked guy doing stretches

RP, Richmond (J. Smith)
RP, Neppel (Bydal, Lucke)

Pepper falls to a very salty 6-5, with the 2-9 speedy signs up next week

Wednesday, January 25, 2006


RP vs Old BAlls
7:00 pm

Monday, January 23, 2006

GGF League Standings

As the season hits the half way mark and the all-star game has come and gone, Skarp got the MVP with 3 goals and 2 assists, I figured it would be a good time to give my bloggers an update on where we stand.

1. Merhcants-Whitey's 9-1
2. Mckinnon-Dagwoods-Vollrath aka manvel 8-2
3. El Roco 7-3
4. Red Pepper 6-4
5. Cuckoo's Nest-Blue Moose 5-5
6. Southgate-Coors Light-Vaaler aka OLD BALLS 5-5
7. Coors Light-Cuckoo's Nest 4-6
8. Speedy Signs 1-9, good choice P. lindgren

10 games left boys, lets run the table....

Thursday, January 19, 2006

The dentists early arrival pays off

With a very big game in the standings and with team morale starting to fall the RP came out and got a huge win last night at the gambucci arena. The game didnt start off good with the red pepper falling 2-0 at the end of the first, but with a great pep talk by Mark "lumpy" Lundberg the red pepper team came out and answered in the second. "Lumpy is just a great coach, he understands the game and understands how to motive players" said lumpys co-renter of the red pepper suites A Smith.

The red pepper hung 7 in the second to make the game 7-2. It was all started by the larimore dentist Jimmy Richmond. He came flying down the right side and beat the goalie on the short side to start the on slot. "it was great to have jimmy there early i was a littled shocked, in a good way, to see him there for warm ups but obviously it payed off." said coach lumpy. After the richmond goal the pepper gave the coors light goalie more shots than an uneducated fluff girl. "we could just feel the flood gates opening up, we new the more shots that we got to the net the more goals we would get" said tofte.

As the third started the coors light team came out with a little fire under them by scoring a nice goal but the dentist pulled the fire out like he was pulling a tooth by answering right back and burying his second of three goals on the night. "it was a big goal i know the score was 7-3 but that aint much in the huff and puff league, for jimmy to answer back like that was huge and really gave us a lift." said j tellmann. the game ended with rp winning 11-3, but the talk around the ice was the great play by tellmann and bydal to get that 11th goal.

With 30 seconds on the clock and the puck squirting out of the zone and bydal hustling to get the puck tellmann and bydal came down on a two on one. Bydal had the excellent patience to draw the D to him and give a nice tape to tape saucer pass to tellmann and then tellamann put a move on the goalie, like flavor flav puts moves on the ladies in the flavor of love, and buried it pass the goalie for the 11th and final goal. "i knew if i got the puck to tellmann it would be a goal, he has been at university park a lot and been working on his skills so i had all the confidence in him" Bydal said.

Player(s) of the Game
Mark "lumpy" lundberg for his first intermission pep talk
Jimmy "the dentist" richmond for his hatty on the night

Quote of the night
lots of talking in the locker room after the game, it all blended together

RP, Richmond (unassited)
RP, Neppel (richmond)
RP, Sprehre (unassited)
RP, Sprehre (lindgren, A. Smith)
RP, Lindgren (Tom B, Sprehe)
RP, Tom B (bydal, tofte)
RP, Richmond (J. Bryan)
RP, Richmond (J Bryan)
RP, Splical (Nepple)
RP, Lindgren (Sprehe)
RP, Tellmann (Bydal)...unbelivable goal

Pepper move to 6-4 on the season with a huge rematch with old balls next week

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Semrau may be unleashed against old balls tonight

In an attempt to not get tea bagged tonight by old balls, the roc may unleash there secret weapon of chris semrau. "usually we need a 3 goal lead before chris gets out there but tonight is a different story" said assistant coach skarp "we are playing old balls, and dont let the name fool you. This team is a crafty bunch and can tea bag you at a moments notice. Were thinking we need to have chris start tonight and set the tone early. We got worked last week and chris wasnt out there and we are thinking that is the reason." As the roomers were floating around, there was some confirmation of this in the back of a well established restaurant at lunch time. " Chris will start tonight, i need him to take schafer out, that crazy veteran of the huff and puff could easily beat us" said panzer. "we cant take any chance of losing, we need to keep our dominance over this league and with TWO losses to the RED PEPPER and one to the merhcants we feel we are losing some of our luster and chris is the guy that can give us that back." As the red pepper was sitting and watching this all unfold with very astonished looks on their face we all turned to each other and said "oh mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmkay"

The Red Pepper will get to see how the game unfolds since the roco vs old balls is right after the rp game.

See ya tonight

i had to write something about the big match up tonight

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Breaking news from Coors Light camp

In an attempt to try and break their team of playing shitty, the coors light team is going to sleep in hyperbaric chambers before the upcoming match up with the rp. "i got a call from bertie and he said they were preparing for this game in a little different way, so i said how, and he told me about the hyperbaric chambers." " i asked why and he said their team has a lot of talent but doesn't know how to pass or score, two very important skills to have in this little game we call hockey." bydal said.

I wanted to do some follow up research so i called jeff rost and asked him about this and he told me "ya this team needs anything, i have snapped multiple times on the bench and got nothing, they just sit there and then go out and do the same old shit, its very upsetting." I then asked if the hyperbaric chamber is going to help stop the kramchuck like play of J. Tellmann (nice move last week) and rost replied "i don't know if anything can stop tellmann, he is a man on a mission out there, we can only hope to contain him"

Well thats all i have, i guess we will see if the hyperbaric chambers will work at 5:45 tomorrow

matt bydal reporting

Next Game

RP vs Coors Light

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Next Game

Manvel Ice Palace
Manvel ND
January 15, 2006

real men play outside

Thursday, January 12, 2006

J Smiths return from IR doesn't help

The RP's blue line got a little more talent last night but it didn't help. J Smith returned from a his foot injury which kept him out of last weeks game. Team sources are not releasing what actually happened to his foot but rumors have it that smith dropped a keg on his foot two weeks ago as he was walking into Ronkowskis house for a late night party. "I don't know if this is true but j smith knows the rules on late night partying..I may need to look into this more" said GM rob bethke.

The game was a complete ass whipping by Manvel, "we got completely out classed tonight, nothing was working for us, but thats how it goes sometimes" said coach tellmann.

We lost 7-4, because we suck right now, but we all had fun at bonzers. Neppel and Bydal had a great time playing pool against A smith and splikal. The beer was cold and the peanuts were great so the night wasn't to bad.

Quote of the night......
Joe bryan was talking about how slippery it was outside and the Eagles arena and how he almost slipped, and there was short pause,
oh i slipped, if it wasn't for my bag i would have bounced my head off of the cement...said brad lucke...had to be there

RP, Lindgren (neppel)
RP, Squash (A smith)
RP, Bydal (tofte)
RP, Bydal (Richmond, Neppel)

Red Pepper falls to 5-4 with a game against coors light next week

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Next Game

RP vs Manvel
8:15 Eagles

8 games left so no more playing with your dingy

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Lack of Positioning Proves Costly for the RP

The rp hockey team knew coming into last nights game that it was going to be a tuff one. "the merchants are a good team, anytime that you have a guy named "the boss" on your team, you
you are good" said A.Smith. The merchants came out and put the RP down by two early, but with the heart of a lion the red pepper came back and cut the lead to 2-1 only to end the first with the score 4-1. "we just couldn't get it going early on, they were getting the bounces and that's how it is sometimes" said tofte.

The second was a great period of hockey for the RP lead by the unselfish play of lindgren the RP was able to tie up the score and make it 5-5 going into the third. "lindgren is a great player, he gave me two easy goals tonight that probably should have been his, but i will take them.....and love them" bydal said.

The third period looked good for the rp. They came out flying around the ice and winning foot races. With this determined play they ended up taking the lead 6-5, but that was the last lead they would take. The F___kin merchants came back and scored 3 unanswered goals to win the game 8-6. "it was a complete meltdown in our own zone, the D weren't covering their lanes, the forwards weren't getting back, we had a bunch of god dam tanner johnsons out there suck holing, I am pissed of right now but i am happy with the boys so far this year, i just dont want to ever see play like this again." said GM Rob bethke who watched the game on satellite from his luxurious home in Bismarck. "its the old saying, it aint over till the lady thats 280 sings, and we forgot that tonight, we learned a valuable lesson and i think it will help us in the second half of the season." said coach tellmann.

Quote of the night
i think F--k was said a lot after the game

Player of the game
mark lindgren--4 assists, what a play maker

The drunk statistition left it in the locker room
8-6 final

Record is 5-3, with two of those loses to the merchants...........................f--kin merchants

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Bies and the Boss or is it the Boss and Bies

I got another great article from my contact at the Herald. It is an article about the potential MVP's of the Merchants Dave Bies and Tanner "the boss" Johnson.

"Tostadas Hit Below the Belt"

It's looks to be another great night of ice hockey in GF, as the Tostadas square off against the Merchant of the University of EGF. Although they are going to play short handed, the Tosties are looking to set the record straight after an 8-3 trouncing in their first meeting earlier this year. Will Tanner Johnson let it all hang out tonight? Not likely says Chad Neppel, "He's more likely to let it point out" Ouch! Neppel obviously refering to a nude picture of Tanner posted on the internet. Neppel went on to say he didn't expect Tanner to "dangle" tonight either. What does the Pepper expect tonight? "They have alot of weapons" say Pepper Forward, Aaron Smith, "the least of which is their defense and we plan to attack them where their weak. Bies. In the name of fairness we contacted Co-commissioner Dave Bies at Modern Auto Body to respond to these strong words. "well I'll tell you what uhhh listen HOCKEY I don't know well what? why? HOCKEY tonight whitey cup Hockey me defense ha ha pucks fast skate HOCKEY pass ...Bumper shoot we gotsta paint the whole corner panel........" Damn Dave what the fuck was that? It must be nerves. What I do know is that he has til 7:00PM tonight at the Eagles Arena to shake those nerves.

Herald Staff Guy

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Next Game

RP vs Merchants

Think we are going to be missing a few guys so we may need to call our reserves