Thursday, December 29, 2005

Meet the Tostadas a huge success

Multiple fans came out to support their favorite cheese tostada last night at the Purpur arena. "I just love my cheese tostadas, in the store and on the ice" said a crazed fan. "its nice to see the love that we have, we knew we had fans but not this many, there were probably 3,000 fans here tonight" said tellmann. The rp played the el roco in this scrimmage. In true exhibition format there was no score kept. "we thought it would be good to just go out there and have some fun, we knew the roco really wanted to keep score but we were there for the fans not ourselves" lindgren said. The players did decide to do a shoot out at the end to give the fans a little something for coming out.

Quote of the night
"alls i did was wipe my ass today"
said by tellmann in reference to his WHITE boxers

statistician had the night off

Record is 5-2 with a big rematch coming up against the merchants next week

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

"Meet the Tostadas"

Meet the tostadas has been set. 8:30 at the purpur arena, wednesday the 28th. Your favorite red pepper stars will be taking on the el roco in a exhibition game that is sure to be a good one. come out and cheer on your favorite red pepper star.

There will be tables set up in the commons area and the following players will be available for autographs:
Jimmy Richmond, Tom and Joe Bryan, Mark Lindgren, Cory Sprehe, J and A Smith, and Jeff Tellmann.

Friday, December 23, 2005

game wed.

i may have lined up a game for us on wed so i will keep everyone posted

Thursday, December 22, 2005


When the pepper came onto the ice they realized that the el roco bench was a little short. Not only that but the rocos all star chris semrau was missing. "Chris may not be the most crafty guy on the ice but he brings intimidation and heart to our team" captain skarperud said "we realized how important he is to our team tonight." The "game of the year" started off unusually for the pepper, with the rock scoring the first two goals of the game. "when the game started you could really tell they wanted a win, they had very crisp passes and were flying all over the ice" tom bryan said. But the pepper was not going to let this one get away. they answered back with a garbage goal by bydal and a very nice goal by tellmann that was set up by his linemates tofte and bydal. "the first goal was a great goal for a tubby guy like my self, i came around the net and the puck was sitting right there.....perfect" bydal said. The second period ended with the game all tied up at 2.

The second period started off with the red pepper scoring to go ahead by one. Brad lucke gave the very lighted footed joe bryan a pass up the middle and he went in and buried a back hander pass the goalie. "joe was almost a healthy scratch tonight, but i am really glad i kept him in the game, he earned himself a couple more games with his play tonight" tellmann said. The second ended with the score 4-4.

The third was a very tightly played period. The red pepper went up 5-4 with 7 minutes left with a goal by sprehe from a. smith. "when we scored that goal we could feel the win, we knew we had to just hold them off." said neppel. So with a pulled goalie and a minute left, the red pepper had multiple chances to put the game away but was unable to get the puck in the net, and with one second left on the clock, and horrible defense by MATT BYDAL, the rock was able to score a garbage goal to tie it up. "i dont know what the hell i was doing, i was at the blue line playing with my dingy when that goal was scored, i cant believe i let that happen" bydal said.

So a tie game equals a shoot out in the NHL and the GF Old timers league. "we knew they had a lot of talent to pull from, but we knew brandt could stand up to them" tofte said. And that he did, brandt allowed one goal in the shoot out and the pepper was able to win the game 6-5. "its just a huge win for our club its nice when a twins like team can beat the yankees" General Manager rob bethke said "my boys showed a lot of heart and determination and thats what this team is all about." In a post game interview with panzer the only thing he could say was "we needed semrau to keep us going, there was multiple times i wanted to put him out there to set the tone but i was unable to do so, i hope he doesnt miss anymore games."

Player of the Game.....................jake brandt

Quote of the night
to many to post

RP, Bydal (A. Smith, Neppel)
RP, Tellmann (tofte, bydal)
RP, J Bryan (lucke)
RP, Lindgren (bydal)
RP, Sprehe (a. smith)

sphre sniped with a paul kariya like goal, lindgren got stopped, bydal went 5 hole and GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL

Record 5-2 with two wins against the rock...........................

Wednesday, December 21, 2005


I received this breaking news from my esteemed colleague at the GF Herald


On the eve of the biggest game of their season, the El Roco announces a very surprising line-up change. Tim Skarperud, the Rocs most lethal weapon, will not even dress tonight as the Roc meets the Red Pepper for the 2nd time this year. Personal reasons have been sited for the decisions, but rumors run rampant. Rumors fueled by the unusual nature of the decision. "This is very uncharacteristic for these guys", said Chad Neppel, Red Pepper utility man. "This is a team known for doing anything it takes to win. In fact, I don't remember this happening ever. Typically when he (El Roco Coach Jay Panzer) wants to send a message, he'll just show'em the pine." Marc Ranfranz agrees. "I can't tell you how many times he dressed me and I didn't see a single minute of ice. It's all psychological. He wants you to go through the process of dressing and making you shower. This is strange" Although we haven't heard anything concrete, rumors range from; his wife wanting to introduce him to his 8 month old son Carson, to speculation about an inpatient rehab program, to violating team curfew. No matter the reason we wish him the best. What does the Red Pepper think of the move? "it's a real shame", commented forward Aaron Smith, "he's a big part of their team. We beat'em even strength the first go around and we were looking forward to doing it again." What you can look forward to is the Red Pepper is coming to play. The puck drops at 6:00PM tonight at the BLC. "I get closterphobic just thinking about it". Panzer said.

GF Herald Staff Writer

Monday, December 19, 2005

Quinn reacts to poll

With all the hype about the upcoming rematch I felt it was my duty to get out and do some field work. So as the great blogger i am I set up a interview with Quinn Fyling.

MB: Where are you and what are you doing?

QF: I am at Dennys, my favorite bar it town, getting into my 13th beer.

MB: How come dennys is your favorite bar in town?

QF: Its just a great place, good people, good friends, and hot chicks!!!

MB: Well i am glad you feel that way, so that lady over there that is about ohhhh 280 and has one tooth, she is hot?

QF: She aint a lady unless she is 280............

MB: Excellent, well lets get into what i came here to talk about.

QF: Another beer over here!!! Sure lets start

MB: On the must visit blog of the year,, there was a poll started for the upcoming rematch with the red pepper.

QF: Tell you what those fuckers they are going down, made us look bad last time......El roco don't like to look bad.

MB: Of course not, no one does. Any who... One of the questions on the poll was if you were going to be held scoreless in the next game. After millions responded it came back with 62% said you would be held scoreless.

QF: Do they know who I am....

MB: Of course they do, but they say J Tellmann will shut you down again like he did last time. There saying you have lost a step and tellmann will use is patented "box out" on you and you wont be able to do anything.


MB: easy i know it is hard to take, making the move from the WCHA to the Old timers league

QF: i know i just need to adjust my game....i have been in a slump and i just get frustrated thinking back to that red pepper game....tellmann just shut me down.

MB: Well another part of the poll question said that 26% of the respondents refuse to believe that you play for the rock, do you think this is true?

QF: Another beer please? Well like you said it is hard to go from the wcha to old timers league and i don't know if player/coach panzer has actually put me on the team yet.

MB: well i did talk to him before i came here and he said you might be a healthy scratch this week.

QF: WHAAAAAAAAT, Fuck it, hay 280 lets go home...............

That was the end of my interview, Quinn left with the lady that was 280 and i didn't get to finish the interview. I guess i will have to try and catch him after the game on wed.

Well im glad i was able to get out in the field and give my bloggers a little something. Talk to ya soon.....keep up the great blogging

Matt Bydal Reporting

Friday, December 16, 2005


With all the talk about the rematch between the Red Pepper and the Rock. The RP thought they better bring in a new player. "we feel he will be able to set the tone early in the game, he has good wheels so he will shadow panzer all night." said coach tellmann.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

El Roco tries to set the tone

With the Red Pepper watching the end of roco's wed night game they tried to set the tone for the rematch. With 1:30 left on the clock up by four goals, Quin Fyling behind his own net, play out of the zone. Quin trips an opposing player and gives 3 Matt Greene cross checks to the head of the down player. "I just felt i needed to let the pepper know we are going to come out flying next week" fyling said "the last game still burns so this next game really means a lot to the roco."

The roco has tried multiple times to put waivers on the game but the pepper doesnt look at one game as the season. "we have a goal in mind and don't want to put to much pressure on one game" coach tellmann says. "I need to let my players know that this is just another game."

matt bydal reporting

PS-lets keep the chatter and game clean and have a good game next week

RP clips the wing of the Grand Forks Air Force Base

After a getting tea bagged the week earlier, by smelly old balls the red pepper came out with something to prove on wednesday. "last week really was an eye opeaner, you have to come out and play every night in the GF Old timers league. No team is going to let you win you have to earn it" said coach Jeff Tellmann. The Red Pepper switched a few things around this week. There were no healthy scratches but there was a switch between some players. Player/coach Jeff Tellmann moved up to the tofte bydal line and chad neppel moved to D. This move may have looked questinable with the "best line in the state" getting broken up but it worked out for the better. "whatever i can do to help the team i will" said chad neppel and that he did. Neppel played excellent D and got 2 points on the night. "he adds some offense to our D squad" said partner j. smith "he has great vision which allows him to make great plays in the offensive zone." "it was a shock to see neppel move back to D but tellmann played very well, he is a massive tripod in front of the net and will get many goals in the up coming games" tofte said, "i think we saw where tellmann strenghts are tonight, i hope he stays as a forward."

With the moves that were made the red pepper had a little spark and it showed. Once again the red pepper came out flying in the with a four goals in the first scored by lindgren, bydal, A.smith, and tofte. "i was able to get out of two game slump in the first period so that made me feel good, but the fealings didnt last long becuase i found out the goalie was a girl. but she stoned lindgren a few times so my good feelings came back." said bydal.

The GFAFB opened the second period with a goal to make it 4-1 but the red pepper wasnt going to let one goal get to them they ended the second with a goal by bydal to make it 5-1. "it was a great pass by tofte and i needed to bury it becaue i chocked last week on the exact same play" bydal said " tofte and i play great together, i dont know what it is but it just works, i think it is the GF Stallions bond in us."

The game got a little out of hand in the third with lindren, tellman, and sprhe getting 2 to make it 9-1. "it was a fun game, we needed it to get our confidence back for next week, we have a rematch with the rock so it will be a barn burner." said coach tellmann.

Player of the game.......................complete team win

Quote of the night
"i think i might shit my self out there"
Said while Brad Lucke was tying his skates

RP, lindgren (a.smith)
RP, Bydal (tofte)
RP, A. smith (lucke, J.smith)
RP, Tofte (Bydal, Sphre)
RP, Bydal (tofte)
RP, Lindgren (neppel)
RP, Sphre (neppel) (Neppel added this assist after the game)
RP, Tellmann (lindgren)
RP, Sphre (tofte)

Record is 4-2, with a rematch against the el Roco (sioux show) next wednesday

Monday, December 12, 2005

The Great One

I was looking at our blog and thought to myself how can you have a tribute to one of the greatest teams of all time history (The Red Pepper) and not give a shout out to the greatest player of all time history.

Gretzky raising Lord Stanley

Next Game

RP vs team 7 (unknown)
Wed Dec 14, 2005
8:15, Gambucci

lets get our chins up boys and get a win out of this one

Thursday, December 08, 2005

RP vs South Gate

South Gate crashing the net to get the game winning goal against the red pepper


The red pepper once again came out to a 2-0 lead by the 8 minute mark of the second period. both goals were scored by the fabulous mark lindgren. "The first goal was a great set up from a. smith and SQUASH, (newly acquired from the Quebec junior league), they are just great players and gave me the opportunity to score" lindgren said. The second goal for lindgren was unassisted. After these two goals the RP hockey team couldn't get anything going. "We just sucked passing, shooting, skating we couldn't do anything out there" tellman said "the veterans on this team really need to start showing some leadership and show the new guys what red pepper hockey is all about, there are going to be some healthy scratches next week.....I need to send a message to the team." As the red pepper's game spiraled out of control, south gate (AKA old balls) kept playing hard and got some bounces. Jeff Bowen (Sioux Alum) made a great move and top shelfed a great back hand over the sprawling jake brandt. "he's a great player and we can always look to him to give us a spark to get the fire going" said todd Schafer. After the goal by bowen to make it 2-1 south gate got two more goals to make it 3-2. Red pepper tried to fight back in the last few minutes, with many pucks thrown at the net, but nothing crossed the red line.

"its a disappointing loss, but they are a great team and mark kauk just out coached us, and i am to blame for that, mark and i have some issues that need to be worked out and i let that get to me out there on the ice tonight" tellman said. after this comment tellmann slammed the door and went and had some busch lights out of the dirty 30.

Player of the Game....Jeff Bowen and mark kauk

Quote of the night
"Kauk needs a social compass"....Joe Bryan
said after Jeff tellman was telling joe that kauk wanted to fight him at a funeral

RP, Lindgren (a. smith, squash)
RP, Lindgren (unassited)

red pepper falls to 3-2 on the year.................dammit

Wednesday, December 07, 2005


RP vs South Gate (Skarp you have to stay home)
7:00 pm

South Gate kicked are ass last time we the RP needs to come out and show these guys with old balls how to play hockey

Thursday, December 01, 2005

RP 7 Broken Drum 6 F/SO

The red pepper had another barn burner win last night at the fabulous gambucci arena. The team came out flying in the first and hung 3 on the broken drum before they had their nut cups on. The scoring started with a penalty shot by the one and only lindgren. "I had a chance to get our team on the board so I couldn't blow it, especially with the new statistician on the bench" lindgren said. The period ended with the red pepper up 3-0.

The second period didn't start so good, the crafty kramchuck got two goals to make it 3-2 but lucke was able to snipe a goal and make it 4-2. "My goal may be unassited on the stats sheet, but I couldn't have done it with out tofte grinding in the corner to free the puck, hes just a great player and helps the team out every night" said lucke.

The third period was back and forth and with 15 seconds left, and the red pepper up by one goal, their was a complete debacle at the red line by some player (JS), this gave the broken drum a 3 on 1 which they scored on. So once again we go to a shoot out. The red pepper scored two in the shoot out too win the game. Since he was bloating so much in the locker room about his game winner I will give him a little ink....cory sphre got the game winner in the shoot out.

Player of the game-Jimmy Richmond....Two third period goals

Quote of the night......

"you need us, we don't need you" by Joe Bryan, Assistant Coach
This was said to Cory Sprhe to let him know this was a team win, not a sprhe win.

RP, Lindgren (unassisted)
RP, Sprhe (tofte, Lindgren)
RP, Splikal (neppel)
RP, Lucke (unassisted)
RP, Richmond (splikal, J smith)
RP, Richomnd (J smith, J brandt)

RP lindgren sniped, bydal chocked, sprhe with game winner
BD no, yes, no

Record 3-1, and one of those wins is against the El we got that going for us, which is nice.